"I read this book as soon as I found out the e-book was available and couldn't put it down for an instant. This is the REAL deal when it comes to books about the ethics of eating other animals and it blows any other of the genre that is currently out there right off the shelf in my opinion. This issue is a hot topic right now in our societies and it is only going to get hotter. Read this book so you can join in on the discussion! I recommend this book to everyone - vegan, not vegan, anti-vegan, 'vegetarian', 'wanna-be vegan' or just anyone who feels they care about other animals - and I haven't met hardly anyone who says they don't care about other animals. No matter your moral position, your philosophy, religion, atheism or other personal beliefs, no matter your background, age group or circumstances, this book will not leave anyone unchanged. Please have a read – you won't regret it. Books like this change the world, so don't miss out."