"In this remarkably clear book, the authors argue persuasively that we don't need to embrace an animal rights position to see that veganism is a moral obligation; all we need to do is to accord animals some moral value. They argue that if animals matter at all and are not merely things, we cannot justify imposing harm on animals if the only benefit is our amusement or pleasure; and they use the case of Michael Vick to show that we all agree with that position. The authors go on to argue that our consuming animals cannot be meaningfully distinguished from what Vick did, in that we consume animal products only because we enjoy the taste as there is no necessity to do so. The authors are longtime vegan advocates who have produced a short and readable book that will equip every animal advocate with the necessary arguments to make not being a vegan look extreme!"

~ Gary Steiner, John Howard Harris Professor of Philosophy at Bucknell University