"This book gives relevant, real-life reasons why, when given honest consideration, we have a moral obligation to 'leave animals off the menu'. The authors demonstrate logically, factually and unapologetically, that in order to live in alignment with our ethics, we need to examine our thinking about farmed animals and our constructed justifications for eating them. In this text we are given clear, reasoned, responses to all the defences we have to eating animals. These answers resonate not only with vegans but with anybody who has a desire to learn beyond the status-quo, especially when lives and our own morals are at stake. This book would be a welcome addition to a vegan, philosophy, social justice or animals rights library however, I would strongly recommend it to anybody who enjoys reading thought-provoking and thoroughly researched writing about ethos and ethics. Eat Like You Care will challenge your beliefs and behaviours but ultimately leave you feeling empowered, inspired and informed."